We are a team of Spanish-speaking travel bloggers from different parts of the world. Our stories seek to inspire readers to travel and to live new experiences.

Our variety of skills and professions allow us to cover a large range of needs and objectives to help companies grow and strengthen their online channels.


Our goal is to redefine the relationship between bloggers and companies and to bring them to a new level where the needs of both sides meet in a lasting and valuable professional bond.

We represent, associate and professionalize travel bloggers and link them with organizations interested in promoting their brand through travel content creators.

  • Lina Ruiz
    Lina RuizThe Number Genius | Finance & Logistics Manager

    Colombian by birth, Lina is a business manager with over eight years of experience in logistics. She is achievement-oriented, creative and passionate.

    A professional photographer and lover of spontaneous portraits, she left the office to follow her dream: to know every corner of the world with Andrés, the love of her life. Her greatest achievement is her travel blog. Her goal is to travel the world and inspire more people to follow their dreams.

  • Florencia Zaccagnino
    Florencia ZaccagninoThe Opportunity Developer | Sales & PR Manager

    With over ten years of experience in national and international hospitality, she worked in both hotels and small inns. She creates win-win relations and is passionate about customer service and excellence. She focuses on sales.

    Currently, she is into Digital Marketing, SEO and Social Media education. Florencia is proactive, self-taught, and creative. In 2013 she decided to live while traveling, sharing experiences and encouraging readers through her blog. Florencia has already visited 26 countries and has lived in the United States, Spain and Brazil.

  • Valen Correa
    Valen CorreaThe Captain | Managing Director

    Colombo-Spanish, educated as a graphic designer and multimedia technician, Valen has a multidisciplinary profile. Since 2013 she works as an SEO manager, developing strategies for multichannel content international campaigns. She also taught Marketing at the Start-up Institute Berlin.

    In 2014 she started her own agency and provides services to small and medium businesses. She combines her professional passions with her partner on their blog about active tourism and adventure travel.

  • Virginia Sanz
    Virginia SanzLady Dictionary | Communications manager

    It has been more than ten years since she chose the online world to combine her job and her passions. Virginia is a freelance writer and content creator with a Digital Marketing, SEO and Social Media education.

    She is the alma mater of a blog for creative and therapeutic writing. In 2012 she changed her lifestyle by travelling the routes of the world, and doing what she likes best. She shares stories that could inspire and spread the desire to fulfill dreams through her travel blog.